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 Поглед на сцената, в която Боунс вижда новата татуировка на Кат

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Поглед на сцената, в която Боунс вижда новата татуировка на Кат   Пон Фев 07, 2011 7:47 pm

“You forgot one.”

I was just about to fling more knives where I felt the energy in the room shift to when his voice stopped me. Bones came in and cast a thorough look around at carnage. Most of the vampires I’d dispatched with my blades, but the ones who’d killed the kids I’d torn apart with my bare hands. It was the least I could do.


His smile was pleasant. “The little witch who was sneaking around for a gun, but she’s not doing that any longer.”

Must have been Brandy with the pink toenails. Bones's benign expression didn’t fool me. Knowing him, she’d be wearing that shade in hell.

“Two of these girls are still alive. Give them blood. Yours will work faster than what I have to offer.”

All I had was my own, but with my humanity, it was weak when it came to healing. And I didn’t have any Brams on me since this wasn’t supposed to be a work night.

Bones took the knife I handed him and sliced his palm, going to each girl and making them swallow his blood.

“Will she be okay?” the ghost asked, hovering over his girlfriend.

Gradually I heard her pulse return to a slow but steady rhythm as Bones’ blood went to work in her, offsetting her injuries. After a moment, I smiled. “Yeah. She will be now.”

He smiled back, showing that in life, he’d had dimples. God, he was so young! Then he started to fade at the edges, growing fainter, until there was nothing left of him anymore.

I stared in silence. Then, “Is he…gone?”

Bones knew what I meant. “I expect so. He accomplished what he wanted to and so he’s moved on. Sometimes a few stubborn people hang on long enough to do one last thing. He must have truly loved her.”

True love. That snapped me back into my foul mood. “Why are you here? Finished with Felicity so soon? That’s hardly up to your usual performance.”

A brow rose. “I had no intention of shagging Felicity. I only kissed her to prove that you care far more than you’re admitting to.”

I was so glad nothing more had happened with her, I almost smiled. Then I caught myself.

“I don’t care.”

Bones snorted and gave another look around at the blood-smeared walls. “Right. Cool as a cucumber, you are.”

He’d left his tuxedo jacket somewhere else, but still wore the shirt and pants from the wedding. His tie was also missing, and his shirt was casually opened at the neck. Over that, he had on a black leather coat that trailed down to his calves…

“Holy shit, is that what I think it is?” I blurted.

Bones did a circle. “You like how it looks on me? After all, you kept your Christmas present. Only seemed fair to retrieve mine, especially since you took my other jacket.”

The leather coat I’d bought him for Christmas over six years ago fit him perfectly. When I told him where it was the day before I left him, it never occurred to me that he’d go back for it. Then again, it never occurred to me that he’d search for me this long.

I shook my head to clear the images. I had to get away from him. When I was near him, I couldn’t think straight. Work, concentrate on work.

“I have to call this in, you got a phone on you?” All I had on me was my underwear, blood, and some knives.

Bones pulled a cell phone from his pocket and passed over.

“Tate, it’s Cat. I need a cleanup crew at the GiGi bar. Got a bunch of dead vamps and some victims who need medical attention and new memories. Couple of human bodies also, unfortunately.”

“Didn’t you go to the wedding? The GiGi bar was supposed to be with us, tomorrow.”

From Tate's tone, he was pissed, but I was in no mood to argue with another man.“Are you going to berate me, or get the crew?”

“We'll be there ASAP. What number are you calling from? This isn’t your cell.”

“I stole someone’s phone,” I lied. “I’m giving it back now. Hurry up, this place is crawling with people.”

I hung up without saying goodbye. Bones watched with interest but no concern. He took his phone back and then lit a cigarette, inhaling deeply.

That was new. “Since when do you smoke?”

He gave me a jaded look. “Since I needed something else to do with my hands.”

There was territory I wasn’t venturing in to.

“You have to leave. The guys will be here soon.”

Belatedly, it dawned on me that I stood six feet away from him clad only my bra and underwear. Granted, I was covered in blood, but that never turned off a vampire. It was their equivalent of whipped cream.

He hadn’t missed a thing, and his eyes slid over me with the intimacy of a touch.

“You’re exquisite, Kitten. Ravishing.”

Bones flicked his cigarette away and came towards me, but I leapt back to the far side of the room. Something flashed across his face and his eyes narrowed as he stared at my bared hip. Shit. I’d forgotten about that.

“You really did duplicate my tattoo. Ian told me you did, but I didn’t quite believe him. Yet there it is, etched on your flesh.” There was faint wonder in his voice.

“Don’t touch me, Bones. Don’t.” My voice quavered, because I knew if he did, it would be all over.

“You want me to. I see it in your eyes, and your scent betrays you.” Bones's flat hungry tone frightened me. His next words did even more. “Yet I won’t give you an excuse. I told you long ago, I don’t come in unless invited. You’ll be the first to lay hands on me, and I’m not going anywhere. You want to get rid of me? You’ll have to kill me.”



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